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Marshall Manson

Marshall Manson 2 CEO UK Ogilvy Public Relations

Marshall took the reins at OPR London in 2015, after two years as EMEA MD of Social@Ogilvy. He’s got a diverse background that includes experience with corporate communications, brand marketing and politics. He is a worldwide board member of Ogilvy Public Relations.

Marshall has worked for a wide range of major companies and brands, helping them develop successful strategies for building relationships with stakeholders, customers, and others through online engagement and conversation.

Marshall has led global social media brand assignments for Unilever brands like Dove and Lipton as well as drinks brands Johnnie Walker and Captain Morgan. He has provided real-time crisis counsel to Diageo and Shell, as well as major corporates like Anglo-American and the BBC.

Marshall contributes to a number of blogs and industry publications. He also maintains a presence in Facebook and is active in Twitter (@marshallmanson) and a wide range of other social platforms. His work has also appeared in traditional media publications including the Washington Post and International Herald-Tribune.

Before joining Ogilvy, Marshall was Managing Director of Digital for EMEA at Edelman, the world's largest public relations firm.

And prior to joining Edelman, Marshall worked in U.S. political campaigns and for several communications firms, including The Sterling Corporation, where his print and electronic media products were recognized with Communicator and Pollie Awards and featured in Campaigns and Elections magazine.

Marshall has lived in London for the last five years. He is an enthusiastic if not terribly gifted photographer (http://flic.kr/ps/29JksC), and is interested in history, politics, travel and golf. He lives in Islington with his wife, Stephanie, and their beagle, Cody.