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Iulia Tănase

Iulia TanaseManaging Partner, Image PR

Iulia Tanase is a communication professional with 20 years of experience, of which 15 within IMAGE Public Relations. As of 2007 she has been Managing Partner at IMAGE PR, and ever since she is entirely involved in all the aspects of the firm's business. She manages the agency team while also having a hands-on key position in settling the strategic approaches and coordinating the implementation of the communication campaigns for the agency clients. Iulia joined IMAGE PR in 1999, after 4 years of working as journalist in the news department of PRO TV.

IMAGE PR is an independent public relations and communication firm and also one of the first PR agencies in Romania that has significantly contributed to the public relations industry development during its 20 years of activity. Some of the clients for which IMAGE PR is currently running communication campaigns are Arctic, Amgen, ARPIM, Coca-Cola HBC, Eco-Rom Ambalaje, Danone, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Unilever and Reckitt Benckiser.