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Ellen Ryan Mardiks

Ellen Ryan Mardiks

Global consumer marketing practice, Golin

Ellen Ryan Mardiks is vice chair of Golin, an integrated agency with PR and digital at its core. In addition to her vice chairmanship, Ellen leads Golin’s global consumer marketing practice, the agency’s largest and its historic strength.  
Over the years she has created and led communications campaigns for iconic yet game-changing brands including Walmart, Nestlé, Unilever, Crayola, Purina and Mattel.  She’s known for her ability to find and articulate the “aha” insight that is the foundation of successful marketing campaigns.  

Ellen is a sponsor and catalyst for the development of strategies and tools to advance the practice of marketing public relations.   A key example is Golin’s Relevance Roadmap process, which helps brands make real and meaningful connections with their consumers while staying true to their unique purpose. She also leads the agency’s client management efforts.
Ellen graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and also studied at the University of London.