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Diana Klusch

Diana Klusch

Head of Global Employee Communication, SABMiller plc

Senior executive, with over 20 year experience in driving business growth, through strategic communications and engagement with a wide range of audiences in local, regional and global environment. Driven by results and making a contribution, Diana is a professional with a demonstrable track record of creating communication and business strategies, shaping and implementing branding, reputation and stakeholder engagement plans for high-profile companies and brands, such as P&G and SABMiller.

Through assignments in regions as Central and Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Africa, North and Latin America, Diana has developed a well-rounded experience in business and communications, standing out by her comprehensive view and integrated work done with a wide variety of audiences, such as consumers, media, opinion formers, business partners, industry associations, regulators, government, NGOs, investors, employees and leadership teams.

Enthusiastic about communications and the positive impact it can make in the life of people, organisations, brands, communities and society. She is a passionate reader and learner, eager to share knowledge, build and connect people, curious about the world and future trends, determined to leave a positive mark through her life and work.