Batiste #FreeYourHair #FreeYourMind

After its’ #freeyourhair campaign in 2017, when the brand generated a conversation between men and women on how to express themselves through hairstyles, Batiste took a next bold step in 2018 talking freely about self-expression and challenging beauty standards.

#BringingUsCloser on multiple screlosis week

The objective of the campaign was to create awareness about the need that all stakeholders should work together, in order to increase the quality of life for multiple sclerosis patients.

Scandinavian style jobs

At the beginning of 2018, JYSK, the Scandinavian furniture retailer was planning to open about 150 new positions in Romania the following year. The company needed an employer branding campaign, aiming to position it on the labor market and to attract candidates for the positions soon to be opened.

LIDL Roman. Chose a job at home

The opening of the fifth Lidl logistics center in Romania (a key point in the company’s long-term business and expansion strategy) represented a real challenge: our client needed to hire, in just three months, approximately 150 new colleagues both in the warehouse and in the administrative teams. Taking into consideration that 1 in 5 Romanians works abroad, and Romania is on the second place, after Syria, at annual emigration, it seemed at first an impossible mission.

Log Out Of Hate

Online risks and dangers often have a human face and they can not be prevented with just a cybersecurity software. As a tech company, Bitdefender studies human behavior in online to try to predict product trends and to act on all fronts, educating the audience and giving them the right tools for protection.