The Imaginary Detector – Ideo Ideis Partnership

By creating a game of perspectives with “The Imaginary Detector” we showed how theatre can be a training tool for people who want to perceive the world with all its nuances and subtleties, people who want to understand life with all its intricacies.


In 2015, ING was searching for a solution to help the industry grow sustainably, to support local businesses in the early stages of their development. They approached Impact Hub Bucharest – an organization deeply rooted in the entrepreneurial ecosystem – to help transform this idea into reality.


As part of their global vision, JYSK is the proud sponsor of the National Paralympics Committee. The agencies job was to promote this sponsorship in a creative and relevant manner.

Renault Day 2017

Group Renault redesigned in 2017 the principles that stand at the core of the organization. In the same time, the new Dacia Duster was being launched and needed to be communicated in a balanced integration with the new corporate principles.
This context gave us the opportunity to reshape a classic internal event and turn it into an integrated communication tool that accessed Groupe Renault Romania people in the fastest possible way.

Happy Ending Stories

In 2018, domestic consumers disposed of 1800 cubic meters of non-permitted waste in the sewage system.
Apa Nova took the responsibility to educate consumers into responsible sewage use.
The campaign launched in June 2019 with a series of three TVCs centered around three types of waste which are frequently thrown in the sewer: hair, oil and condoms.

Taking care of Romania

It was the beginning of 2017. We were all happy, proud, and excited to start talking about the important news that surrounded REWE Romania. But, before doing so, we had to be well-prepared. Our responsibility was huge: we were the first retailer in Romania receiving the certification ISO 50001. So, we needed a detailed plan that would include all our stakeholders.

After Us, It’s On Us To Collect

Young people are the faces of the future, but communicating with a young audience is never easy – especially when it’s summer and the only thing that’s on their minds is having fun. So we needed to speak their language, use their tools, get their heroes on board and, most importantly, take the battle on their turf. While some considered their age an issue when it comes to taking responsibility, we actually saw it as a great opportunity to grow their genuine activist mindset towards greater common causes, like the care for communities or for the environment.

Think BIGar

Started in 2015, the After Us platform sits at the heart of Coca-Cola HBC’s corporate responsibility agenda and is the consumer sustainability platform of the company. After Us is the embodiment of everything we hold dear: care for the community, keeping traditions alive and our love for the environment.

In a Relationship

In a Relationship is part of Campania Respectului (Speak out against Domestic Violence), a project created along with Friends for Friends Foundation and dedicated to Romanian young adults, that puts the light on a delicate and sensitive aspect of high school life: the first love relations- what makes them work and what destroys them.

New Life for Old Clothes

NGO Act for Tomorrow is constantly preoccupied to promote social responsibility and educate people on bettering their life quality in a way that preserves resources. A 2019 study on consumer behavior showed that we frequently wear on average only 20 of our clothes. Sounds wasteful, right? At the same time, textile waste is the 2nd biggest pollution source on the planet, while in Romania textile recycling infrastructure is a highly debated topic in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.