Irina Gushchina

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Communications Director, Russia, CIS, CEE, KFC

Irina has been working in PR and strategic communications for 19 years. She is a certified public relations professional and holds an MBA degree in Communication and Leadership from the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences (Berlin, Germany). She is a member of the European Association of Communication Directors and the co-founder of the Russian branch of the international Global Women in PR association.

In March 2018, Irina joined the KFC team, where she is responsible for development and implementation of the KFC communication strategy in Russia, CIS, Central and Eastern Europe, strengthening the company’s reputation, developing relations with public organizations, and CSR.

Formerly, Irina held the position of Communications Director for Russia and CIS at Uber; before that, she had worked for more than five years as Director for Public Affairs and Communications with the Russian division of Abbott – one of the leading international health care companies. She was also responsible for strategic communications and CSR at Pfizer, the world’s largest producer of pharmaceutical products. Irina also worked for about six years in journalism and PR consulting, in particular, in Edelman international PR agency.

Irina is a winner of many professional awards. She was included in the Top-Comm rating by the Russian Association of Communication Directors and the Top 1000 Russian Managers rating by the Russian Managers Association and Kommersant Publishing House.