Iulia Borsan

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Corporate Marketing Director, AFI Europe Romania

Iulia is a passionate communication & marketing professional, with a solid entrepreneurship and corporate background. In her current role of Corporate Marketing Director of AFI Europe Romania, Iulia supervises all the marketing and communication activities of the group on the Romanian market. AFI is one of the most important investors in the real-estate sector, with a wide portfolio which includes retail, office and residential projects throughout the country.

Iulia started her amazing journey of marketing and communication almost 23 years ago. She was a young journalist, PR apprentice and developed into a Communication and Marketing Strategist. Every project and challenge turned her into a professional who is almost never surprised by a situation. Iulia has a wide experience in various economic sectors, such as energy, entrepreneurship, consultancy, retail & real estate.

Iulia holds a degree in Journalism and Communication and graduated from crisis communication programs.

Although highly skilled in crisis communication, Iulia says that the toughest job is the one she has been mastering for the last 6 years: being a mom and maintaining a healthy balance between career and family.