Laura Fragiacomo

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Marketing & Communications Manager, loT Alliance Australia

Over the past 20 years, Laura has harnessed communication to engage employees, customers and stakeholders, build brands, manage reputations and help change take root. Her work bridges internal and external communication—she views these disciplines as two sides of the same coin and believes treating them as separate is a recipe for disaster.

Laura drew on her experience in corporate communication, change management, social media and journalism when she became a lecturer and course convener for Macquarie University’s highly practical public relations and media courses. Teaching is an exchange of experience, life and culture; and Laura believes she learnt as well as taught.

Strategy execution, change, cross-cultural communication and crisis management are of special interest to her, as is coaching leaders and managers to become better communicators.

Before joining the Internet of Things Alliance Australia (IoTAA), Laura managed communication for organisations including Ambulance Victoria, Seven West Media, Raytheon Australia and numerous state and federal government departments. She’s worked in-house, agency side and across just about every aspect of the communication mix including a mid-career stint as a journalist for award-winning business publication MIS (Managing Information Strategies).

Laura holds a Master of Communication and Organisational Communication, diplomas in journalism, marketing and public relations, as well as certifications in internal communication, change management and strategy execution. She recently qualified as a coach and facilitator.

Her first day at kindergarten taught Laura the value of communication. A recent immigrant to Australia, she couldn’t speak the language and had an Italian surname the teacher couldn’t pronounce. It was a defining moment that drove the subjects she studied at school, influenced her choices at university and determined her career path. She loves getting a message across simply because she can remember a time when she couldn’t.