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High school friends are forever

The entire idea of the “High school friends are forever” concept was to give an emotional twist to the annual fundraising KFC & Pizza Hut campaign “I want to go to high school” and to create a connection between beneficiaries (children), project ambassadors (bloggers, journalists, VIPs) and customers (donors).

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Technology of tomorrow

There is a famous saying in our office whenever we meet a hurdle in our day-to-day collaboration: “stop the pressure, we’ll find a solution, it’s not like we’re doing brain surgery”. This project gave us the possibility to actually say that yes, we, the PR team, are also “doing” brain surgery. Our challenge: how do we use technology to establish a national breakthrough in field of health/medicine? Our answer: Broadcast a brain surgery, live in 360-degree virtual reality.

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Rompetrol Kitchen

In 2017, Rompetrol has been faced with a series of negative articles that had no connection whatsoever with the company`s current activities. Old case files from the time of the previous owner, Dinu Patriciu, as well as two asset seizure actions, affected the image of the company. Most articles were published without the company`s position on the matter, and positive articles had low visibility.

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