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A classroom like home

The latest research discovered that there’s more microplastic 1000 feet down in the Pacific Ocean than there is in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Let’s zoom in – Romania, 2019. Only 14% of waste is recycled. Authorities are constantly changing the laws and passing on the responsibility, making it almost impossible for collectors to operate. Not recycled waste ends up in landfill, affecting clean waters, kid’s playgrounds, clean landfills for agriculture, beaches, even tap water.

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Cashless Block

As a leading technology company, Mastercard is dedicated to consistent efforts to facilitate digitalization in Romania and inclusion via wide access to modern payments for everyone. While card payments are gaining ground year to year, some aspects of everyday life still seem to be cash-bound forever. However, this is not the case for monthly payment of building utilities anymore, because earlier this year, Mastercard launched Cashless Block – I want to pay my monthly building utilities by card!, the first platform in Romania that relieves people of the chore of always having to carry cash when visiting the administrator.

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Scandinavian style jobs

At the beginning of 2018, JYSK, the Scandinavian furniture retailer was planning to open about 150 new positions in Romania the following year. The company needed an employer branding campaign, aiming to position it on the labor market and to attract candidates for the positions soon to be opened.

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