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Protect her wings

On February 2017, MSD Romania, one of the most important pharmaceutical companies in our country and the producer of the anti-HPV vaccine, decided to launch an educational campaign on the topic of cervical cancer and other HPV related diseases. While the need for education on this topic was immediate, the subject was highly sensitive due to the one of the biggest immunization campaign failures in our country which was implemented in 2008 by the Health Ministry.

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100 ABSOLUT Artists

Romanians do enjoy consuming arts & culture, but they do not seek it in an active way.
In this equation, in 2018 entered ABSOLUT, the leading brand in the Imported Vodka category. This is a brand that breaths creativity, from selling it to the consumers to challenging the communication industry to prove creative skills repeatedly to live up to the Absolut brand legacy.

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The Marathon of Oltenia 2017 – The blood hit

Since 2012, in the last weekend of August, the CEZ Group in Romania organizes in Râmnicu Vâlcea the Marathon of Oltenia, a sporting event dedicated both to amateurs and professionals.
The participation fees collected from those registered at the event are doubled by the CEZ Group in Romania and donated to a social cause meant to contribute to the consolidation and support of the Oltenia community.

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