Romanian PR Award 2023, sub semnul diversității

Lansăm un nou deceniu la Romanian PR Award sub semnul diversității. Credem că breasla noastră poate acomoda o doză considerabil mai mare de diversitate ‚practică’, fie că ne referim la diversitatea de talente şi resurse puse în joc sau pur şi simplu la diversitatea de abordări şi instrumente. Diversitatea înseamna reîntoarcere la dialog și valorificarea ‘celuilalt’ în profesia noastră. Diversitatea înseamnă deschidere către noi surse de inspirație și invitația de a inova. Înscrierile la cea de-a 21-a ediție a competiției se vor încheia pe 9 octombrie 2023.


Featured Winners

The first LIVE heart intervention with a hologram from Romania

How do you transform something you cannot see, hardly understand even by specialists, in a relevant communication topic for your brand? Even more, follow-up on a successful campaign, which clearly showed what technology could do in a surgery room? You go further and experience some more with technology. More precisely, create the most detailed 3D model of a heart from Romania, then a human size reproduction of a heart intervention by using an advanced automatic virtual environment system, and get the most detailed & fully digital representation of how a heart intervention is actually done.

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Mastercard Vibes

Earlier this year, Mastercard debuted its sonic brand identity, a comprehensive sound architecture that is aiming to reshape the paying experience. To introduce their new MOGO – musical logo to the public, the brand chose Electric Castle, Romania’s most famous music festival. But Mastercard’s DNA is priceless for everybody, and not everybody is at a music festival. We’re talking about the deaf community. In Romania, they are usually overlooked and have a hard time finding public events they can attend.

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