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The science of caring

Romania is facing a social crisis, with steadily decreasing natality, demographic decline, and an unwanted top ranking in infant mortality and abortions across the EU. In 2018, Philips Avent, market leader in products for baby and toddlers, needed to tap into new opportunities to secure its decade-long leadership and further increase its share on a shrinking market. Graffiti PR created a brand campaign that regained followers, advocates and consumers by confronting Romanians’ cultural stereotypes regarding parenting.

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I work at McDonald’s. I learn at McDonald’s

Working at McDonald’s is a never-ending source of communication opportunities. So, at the end of 2016 we turned to the employees – the greatest communication channel of them all. We managed the entire campaign from a transparent angle, and because people were curious, McDonald’s employees answered their curiosities. For the first time, employees have become the voice of McDonald’s – and they’re a strong voice, indeed.

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