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We put a price on plastic

The latest research discovered that there’s more microplastic 1000 feet down in the Pacific Ocean than there is in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Let’s zoom in – Romania, 2019. Only 14% of waste is recycled. Authorities are constantly changing the laws and passing on the responsibility, making it almost impossible for collectors to operate. Not recycled waste ends up in landfill, affecting clean waters, kid’s playgrounds, clean landfills for agriculture, beaches, even tap water.

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H&M, the fashion democratizer brand present in Romania since 2011, has always been a benchmark of style in matters of communication also. With top entertainment global partnerships and campaign, H&M never actually developed a local comms campaign for the launch of a new collection in Romania. Until this summer. Our brief? Develop the first local campaign for the launch of the H&M summer collection. Our challenge? Make it BIG, whilst keeping it all online.

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Looks like freedom

In 2019, AVON wanted to launch its biggest campaign of the year: Looks like freedom – an international platform with a speech about importance of authenticity, redefining the concept of beauty and breaking beauty standards.
Looks like freedom platform showed a whole new point of view on beauty for AVON: we wanted to be known as the aspirational attainable beauty brand for all.

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