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LIDL HQ. Coolest home for the coolest team

In 2018, Lidl was moving to new headquarters, a high-class building in terms of sustainability standards (Breeam Oustanding standard). At the same time, Lidl was in a process of transforming the leadership principles, the values, and the organizational culture. The new office building became the voice of Lidl as a brand, as an employer, as an innovator, all within the context of sustainability.

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The Romania-France Season – “Forget about clichés!”

Born from a common political will, the Romania-France Season 2019 overlapped three important milestones for Romania: the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, Romanian Centenary and 100 years since the end of the First World War. Seasons, or Cultural Years, are cultural diplomacy projects organized by France for more than 30 years, but Romania is the first European country to participate in this kind of bilateral partnership.

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We put a price on plastic

The latest research discovered that there’s more microplastic 1000 feet down in the Pacific Ocean than there is in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Let’s zoom in – Romania, 2019. Only 14% of waste is recycled. Authorities are constantly changing the laws and passing on the responsibility, making it almost impossible for collectors to operate. Not recycled waste ends up in landfill, affecting clean waters, kid’s playgrounds, clean landfills for agriculture, beaches, even tap water.

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