Romanian PR Award 2023 își prezintă campaniile nominalizate

Juriul Romanian PR Award anunță nominalizările la cea de-a XXI-a ediție a competiției. Proiectele nominalizate se detașează prin rigoare, creativitate și impact, consideră membrii juriului. Ediția din acest an s-a bucurat de susținerea unui juriu internațional de top, reunind competențe în comunicare din 15 țări.


Featured Winners

Taste the Joy of Home

The national imprint was more than a brand statement, it was a manifest for promoting family values, bringing people together and making them feel empowered when they are next to their dear ones. Who would have thought that family meals have real, tangible effects on children and adults personal development, that its benefits are more than reuniting with our family, or who was curious enough to rediscover traditions and understand the history of family meals, so that could create so many wonderful opportunities in the future?

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Protect her wings

On February 2017, MSD Romania, one of the most important pharmaceutical companies in our country and the producer of the anti-HPV vaccine, decided to launch an educational campaign on the topic of cervical cancer and other HPV related diseases. While the need for education on this topic was immediate, the subject was highly sensitive due to the one of the biggest immunization campaign failures in our country which was implemented in 2008 by the Health Ministry.

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