Romanian PR Award 2023, sub semnul diversității

Lansăm un nou deceniu la Romanian PR Award sub semnul diversității. Credem că breasla noastră poate acomoda o doză considerabil mai mare de diversitate ‚practică’, fie că ne referim la diversitatea de talente şi resurse puse în joc sau pur şi simplu la diversitatea de abordări şi instrumente. Diversitatea înseamna reîntoarcere la dialog și valorificarea ‘celuilalt’ în profesia noastră. Diversitatea înseamnă deschidere către noi surse de inspirație și invitația de a inova. Înscrierile la cea de-a 21-a ediție a competiției se vor încheia pe 9 octombrie 2023.


Featured Winners

Put Responsibility Into the Light

In 2017, Raiffeisen Bank conducted an „inside out” research process to identify its strengths and weekness’, seeking to uncover existing truths about the bank which could be amplified. Most of the employees and its clients perceived the bank as an organization where `you do things properly`. Following these findings, Raiffeisen Bank decided to shift its brand signature from „We Succeed Together” to „Proper Banking” and to launch a national debate about responsibility: of individuals, of brands and, ultimately, of society as a whole.

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1 Minute Challenge

With over 26 years of healthcare expertise, Philips Sonicare strives to give consumers the confidence that their oral health is improved when using products designed and approved by dental professionals. On a market where the number of electric toothbrush users is on an ascending trend, there are still manual users who don’t trust them, but if they were to be convinced of their effectiveness, they would be inclined to switch to electric products.

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