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Lenor Inspired by Nature Fashion Collection

For the launch of new Lenor range, Inspired by Nature, we used a mix of media event, influencer communication and consumer activations, but what we did differently was we built the entire campaign around an established fashion event. Instead of doing an owned event, we adapted Lenor to Fashion Week infrastructure which allowed us to have the same level exposure as any other runway show.

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UberGREEN Launch

Personal cars in Romania represent over 80% of passenger traffic and electric vehicles are still less than 1% of the total number of cars in Bucharest – there are still important limitations when it comes to the high costs of these cars as well as the fast charging infrastructure available – as a result, extremely few people have access to such cars. We saw that as an opportunity to launch Uber Green in Romania, a fully electric ridesharing service, first as a pilot that would then be developed in partnership with authorities and carmakers. Sharing the road to a greener future.

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Protect her wings

On February 2017, MSD Romania, one of the most important pharmaceutical companies in our country and the producer of the anti-HPV vaccine, decided to launch an educational campaign on the topic of cervical cancer and other HPV related diseases. While the need for education on this topic was immediate, the subject was highly sensitive due to the one of the biggest immunization campaign failures in our country which was implemented in 2008 by the Health Ministry.

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