1 Minute Challenge

Silver Award for Excellence 2019

Social Media

Philips Sonicare & Graffiti PR, Ogilvy Romania


With over 26 years of healthcare expertise, Philips Sonicare strives to give consumers the confidence that their oral health is improved when using products designed and approved by dental professionals. On a market where the number of electric toothbrush users is on an ascending trend, there are still manual users who don’t trust them, but if they were to be convinced of their effectiveness, they would be inclined to switch to electric products.

THE BRIEF? Develop a campaign to support sales by raising awareness around the most technologically advanced electric toothbrush on the market that offers a correct and complete brushing and protects the gums.


We needed to give sceptics the ultimate proof of Philips Sonicare’s efficiency and we needed to do it in a way that could convince them of the product’s performance. Since sport is becoming important in our core target’s life (premium, urban, high income, 25 – 45 yo) we understood that they appreciate the effort and the process behind performance in sport and we decided to put the product at work and to compare the benefits of the product to the strengths of two well-known athletes in Romania, Anca Surdu, gymnastics double champion, and Vladimir Draghia, performance swimmer.

By doing this, we aimed to prove that Philips Sonicare is the most efficient gadget. We leveraged Sonicare’s 62,000 movements per minute advantage and showed that even with hours of training and exercises, you cannot beat Philips Sonicare with a manual toothbrush.


Our approach was to create a 1 minute challenge that would help consumers  better understand the efficiency of Philips Sonicare toothbrush. For this to happen, we created training and competition videos with two athletes who are the best at what they do, because only the best can challenge the best.


Engage consumers in a 1minute challenge that both educates and entertains them about manual vs electric dental care. Give proof of Sonicare’ superiority to the non- believers and generate online conversation.


Phase 1: Teasing – the two athletes post on their Instagram accounts videos of their training routine saying that they accept the challenge.

Phase 2: The opponents – Like in every classic battle scene the opponents are presented side by side, showcasing their strengths and urging people to support them and to enter the battle on the campaign landing page.

Phase 3 – The battle – Vladimir and Anca are ready to compete, while the clock seems to be too fast for them, Philips Sonicare is relaxed. After 1 minute it is the ultimate winner with 62,000 movements per minute vs 1000 for each competitor.

Amplification – Friends of the athletes join the battle and the online campaign is started to continue to drive the engagement risen by this epic battle between man and machine.


The results of the campaign exceeded all expectations and surpassed the  business and communication objectives, with more than half a million Instagram post and stories views and an average of 974 seconds spent on the campaign website, which confirmed that the insight and the chosen mechanism engaged the consumers.



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