Batiste #FreeYourHair #FreeYourMind

Silver Award for Excellence 2018

Social Media

Batiste Sensiblu & Oxygen


Batiste is a wonder-product on the Romanian market, a dry shampoo that offers a quick fix-up, covering a beauty need of the target: fresh hair in no time, without having to wash it. With a fresh & colorful brand identity and a young consumer to address, Batiste had the challenge to become relevant on a very competitive market and to fight its current setbacks: little to no online presence, low brand visibility on the shelves, wrong usage of the product. As a bold and unconventional brand by DNA, Batiste had to build an online dialogue as fresh as its identity, on subjects that were most important to its core target – students and young professionals.

After its’ #freeyourhair campaign in 2017, when the brand generated a conversation between men and women on how to express themselves through hairstyles, Batiste took a next bold step in 2018 talking freely about self-expression and challenging beauty standards. Through the #freeyourhair #freeyourmind campaign, the brand encouraged youngsters to be confident of who they truly are, of their style, their personality and their sexual orientation. It also started from the insight that, for women all over the world, hair is not just hair. It’s a way of self-expression. It is linked to personality, emotions, to change & inspiration. A crazy hairstyle can make her more daring.

In best delivering the message, Batiste collaborated with Emil Rengle, an artist, choreographer and vlogger who came out as a bisexual at the beginning of 2018. Emil was the perfect example of self-expression, proudly sharing his private life in a country where sexual orientation is a topic of debate. Batiste became the enabler of self-expression in Social Media in a period of turmoil, with the Referendum for defining the traditional family on the public agenda.

Batiste dared to talk about freedom of expression, in a video statement with a bold manifesto, that was posted on Emil’s Youtube channel and on Batiste’s Facebook page. “There is nothing wrong in loving a man, as much as I love a woman. I wish love wasn’t taboo” –

The video went viral on the internet, generated love/hate reactions, but had great organic support from a large number of influencers. Besides the organic outreach through multiple shares of influencers & enthusiasts, there were hate reactions towards the initiative, which led to unfollow for Batiste Facebook page. The campaign continued with smart & witty videos presenting product benefits, featuring Emil and two charismatic figures: vlogger Mimi and famous fashion blogger Ana Morodan, and some quirky gifs.

Through the #freeyourhair #freeyourmind campaign, Batiste became the first beauty brand in Romania to clearly express its’ support for diversity and self-expression. Even though claiming this position was risky and controversial due the Romanians’ traditionalist beliefs, Batiste made this bold, first step in local advertising. This courage was saluted by many influencers, who shared the message and publicly emphasized its impact on the market.