Communication of financial products and services

The Entrepreneurship Museum

In 2017, CITR Group understood that saving the companies from bankruptcy and restoring them into the economic circuit is not enough. They had to address the stigma that entrepreneurs are facing when confronted with difficulties. We launched a corporate communication platform called “Second Chance”, in order to generate empathy towards entrepreneurs in distress and promote the Group’s expertise.

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Bank-speak for Everyone

In recent years, Romania has been facing a destabilization of the relationship between clients and banks, caused by the Romanians` lack of faith in banking institutions. Some of the main issues are the contracts and the lack of transparency when it comes to all clauses.

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Put Responsibility Into the Light

In 2017, Raiffeisen Bank conducted an „inside out” research process to identify its strengths and weekness’, seeking to uncover existing truths about the bank which could be amplified. Most of the employees and its clients perceived the bank as an organization where `you do things properly`. Following these findings, Raiffeisen Bank decided to shift its brand signature from „We Succeed Together” to „Proper Banking” and to launch a national debate about responsibility: of individuals, of brands and, ultimately, of society as a whole.

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