Mastercard Vibes

Earlier this year, Mastercard debuted its sonic brand identity, a comprehensive sound architecture that is aiming to reshape the paying experience. To introduce their new MOGO – musical logo to the public, the brand chose Electric Castle, Romania’s most famous music festival. But Mastercard’s DNA is priceless for everybody, and not everybody is at a music festival. We’re talking about the deaf community. In Romania, they are usually overlooked and have a hard time finding public events they can attend.

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The first LIVE heart intervention with a hologram from Romania

How do you transform something you cannot see, hardly understand even by specialists, in a relevant communication topic for your brand? Even more, follow-up on a successful campaign, which clearly showed what technology could do in a surgery room? You go further and experience some more with technology. More precisely, create the most detailed 3D model of a heart from Romania, then a human size reproduction of a heart intervention by using an advanced automatic virtual environment system, and get the most detailed & fully digital representation of how a heart intervention is actually done.

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