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Vocational Students League

Since 2015, Vocational Romania became the national platform used by OMV Petrom to advocate for a better vocational education (VET) in Romania. While advocating for change, we came to realize that VET PUPILS, the most significant recipients of the change, are a silent mass of youngsters that is neither consulted nor accounted. Lacking representativity, is hard for pupils to address decision makers and ask them to initiate VET improvement. Vocational Students League was born to act as a representative group for VET pupils, that will produce a systemic and relevant change for vocational education but also improve craftsmen reputation. We choose Buzau, as a pilot county, to test the approach but also to prove #itcanbedone.

Vocational Romania

Two years ago, OMV Petrom looked for a solution to address a three-fold issue: on one hand, the company had an ageing workforce, with lack of skilled craftsmen affecting long term performance. On the other hand, with operations in 300+ communities, the company needed to create job alternatives to prevent mono-industrialism.

Anti-smuggling campaign      

While the tobacco industry is the second largest contributor to the Romanian government, cigarette smuggling holds 13.7% of the total consumption. 3.2 billion euros are paid by manufacturers to the state annually, yet about 700 million euros are lost to the black market.

National Day of Fighting Against Illicit Trade

Romania is one of the countries in the European Union most affected by the illicit trade. In countries where stopping this phenomenon was a zero priority for the Government, it drastically diminished with a positive impact on the state budget.

Protect her wings

On February 2017, MSD Romania, one of the most important pharmaceutical companies in our country and the producer of the anti-HPV vaccine, decided to launch an educational campaign on the topic of cervical cancer and other HPV related diseases. While the need for education on this topic was immediate, the subject was highly sensitive due to the one of the biggest immunization campaign failures in our country which was implemented in 2008 by the Health Ministry.