Luiza Banyai

People & Business Transformation Advisor, DREAMBUILDERS.TEAM I LogistikonAI

Currently People & Business Transformation Advisor with extended experience in various leadership HR roles for business like: Telecommunication, Pharma, BPO, IT, IT Software, Gamming, Production, Energy Utilities companies. (Services, Products, Retail, Wholesales/Distribution, BTC, BTB).

Her professional experience is the fruit of 20+ years of navigating challenging situations, and always coming out on top. Is the result of a deep understanding of business processes, organizations transformation and change, coupled with a strong HR consulting background & leadership skill, hands-on experience in taking companies to the next level and in-depth applied experience spanning over 5 generations, 50 different cultures, more than 200 team members, culminating in a unique formula blending business acumen, empirical thinking, people experience and transformational empathy.