Mobil Nelimitat

Silver Award for Excellence 2019

Tech PR

Philips Sonicare & Graffiti PR, Ogilvy Romani


Telekom Romania, one of the main players in the national telecommunication market, has adopted a courageous approach to its core business, constantly bringing new commercial offers that not only match those of the competition, but also disrupt the market. An example in this way was the campaign that Telekom launched in 2019,  Mobil Nelimitat which introduced on the market for the first digital pre-to-postpaid card. It allows clients to activate their prepaid services or become subscribers in average in less than 5 minutes, through a completely digital experience. The promotion was available also in Mega Image or Shop & Go stores, following a partnership between the companies. Moreover, in order to promote Mobil Nelimitat, Telekom launched a new online platform What Romanians want? Because Mobil Nelimitat was made by Romanians, for Romanians: no limits, no bureaucracy, simple and accessible.

The main goals of the campaign were to boost sales for the new Telekom service and to create awareness for the new Telekom internet offer among employees, press and the large public. The secondary objective of the campaign was to engage with the media and to build furthermore on the sustainable relationships that Telekom developed over the years. Another key objective was to offer the public and press convincing and innovative materials in order to create word of mouth and to demonstrate the power of visual storytelling. The campaign targeted residential customers, Telekom customers and Mega Image customers, and focused on convincing them to choose Telekom’s unbeatable offer and advantages.

The Mobil Nelimitat campaign started with an unconventional message to the media, which drew attention to the fact that usually there are two types of telecom offers: the ones everyone sees in advertising materials and the ones Romanians actually receive. The press activations included three teasing phases and a press conference. During the first teasing phase, 50 journalists and bloggers were delivered an unbranded basket with a fruit and a mock-contract containing really peculiar provisions, like the ones usually found in a telecom subscription contract. The second phase happened a couple of days later, when the same list of journalists and bloggers were delivered a full-size shopping basket, this time branded, and filled with goodies and the invitation to the venue, at Maison des Chefs. The final teasing phase focused on creating an unconventional experience by using outstanding video executions. Andreas Elsner, the CCO for the residential segment, went through a series of adventures to demonstrate how easy, fast and convenient is to find, buy and convert the Mobil Nelimitat from prepaid into subscription. His experience was summed up in special videos, in order to be presented to the journalist at the dedicated press event, to which they were invited during the second phase.

The press conference took place at Maison des Chefs (by Mega Image) and was hosted by Adrian Nicolaescu, VP marketing, communication and sustainability, Mega Image, and Andreas Elsner, Chief Commercial Officer – Residential Segment, Telekom Romania. Mr. Elsner was featured in a series of videos that showed the level of company’s involvement in offering what Romanians want. At the event participated 26 journalists and bloggers.

In order to complete the picture and the communication framework, in-store and internal activations were developed. The in-store activations had the purpose to educate the public about the product and the internal activations were conducted so as to familiarize the employees with the offer, to accept it and to engage in promoting it to their peers. For the instore activation, we created an official mascot to go in Mega Image stores and with the help of a promoter team carry out a product demonstration, showing how easy it is to create a new subscription. The internal communication started with developing dedicated fun materials that made the offer’s benefits clear in an unforgettable ways that stick.

From the teaser phase, in which mass media received mock-contracts and grocery stores, to the internal memes and mascot, all the way to the highly personal and creative videos starring the company’s Chief Commercial Office – everything about the Mobil Nelimitat launch was approached creatively, with the sole objective of showing how disruptive the offer is. The public feedback was overwhelmingly positive, proving that PR is more than communicating to mass media and influencers. It is actually about finding groundbreaking means of creating word-of-mouth through unconventional methods that take into consideration the latest communication trends and an approach based on storytelling and meaningful education.