Golden Award for Excellence 2018

Sport & Entertainment

JYSK & Minio Studio


THE CAMPAIGN – As part of their global vision, JYSK is the proud sponsor of the National Paralympics Committee. The agencies job was to promote this sponsorship in a creative and relevant manner.

MAIN OBJECTIVE – communicate JYSK as main sponsor for the National Paralympics Committee (generate media coverage and awareness)

AUDIENCE – General public (20 – 60 years old), similar to JYSK audience & media that could amplify the campaign message.

THE IDEA – Romanians are mostly aware by the importance of sports, yet they choose to ignore the facts. Meanwhile, the Paralympic athletes we have discussed with displayed an incredible emotional strength, motivation and dedication for their sports. Inspired by them, we decided to turn their stories into motivational messages for all Romanians who have excuses for not taking sports.


We developed a simple message: “Paralympics do not have excuses. Do you?” and chose three Paralympic ambassadors: Arian, Filip and Gabriela. The campaign ruled under a simple, yet powerful

hashtag #NICIOSCUZA (#noexcuses).


  1. WEBSITE – We have identified 8 key excuses for not taking sports. For each of them, we have filmed a short movie with one of our ambassadors, proving that excuse is not valid. People could see educational information and the real stories of Filip, Gabi or Arian.
  2. MOVIES – We also filmed a flagship video featuring Arian training.
  3. MEETING THE BLOGGERS – Three Romanian influecers were invited to join the campaign: Dana Rogoz, Ciprian Muntele, Lucian Mândruță.
  4. DIRECT MAILING – We have sent direct mailing to 30 influencers,
  5. MEDIA CAMPAIGN – Stories of the athletes were strong and authentic, so the media picked them up. Also, the simplicity and universal truth of #nicioscuza (#noexcuse) made the campaign shareable.
  6. BRANDING IN JYSK STORES, POSTS ON FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE (JYSK OWN CHANNELS) – Special branding in JYSK stores included general windows branding, but also smart details, like the personalization of the fiscal receipt that everyone got in the store. It was written: We hope that coming to our store was not your only exercise today. #NOEXCUSE.
  1. INTERNAL COMMUNICATION – All employees received a printed manifesto of the campaign, with the invitation to sign it, if they believed in our message.

We did not have any media campaign behind, no TV sports, radio, not even digital media. All the results generated were organic.



  • 85 online articles, 86% mentioning JYSK as initiator of the campaign.
  • Over 20.000 Facebook reactions and almost 2 million impressions, with ZERO MEDIA BUDGET
  • 000 organic visitors on the website
  • 3 Influencers posts generated 644 shares.

Traditional media:

  • 13 TV and radio appearances on all-important TV stations as Digi24, TVR 1, TVR 2, PRIMA TV, PRO TV, RADIO ROMÂNIA ACTUALITĂȚI, AVANTAJE LIVE.
  • Almost 2 hours of TV time and more than 1 million viewers, with ZERO MEDIA BUDGET

Real life:

  • #NOEXCUSE became the national message of the National Paralympic Committee, being used in all its communications.
  • Paralympics attending the South Korea Paralympic games wrote #NICIOSCUZA as Romania’s official message on the Wall of All Nations
  • #NOEXCUSE got viral, with many athletes, trainers and regular people using it as a universal call to action for sports.
  • The campaign was considered a best practice inside JYSK Global Network.

Based on the success of the campaign, JYSK DOUBLED THE AMOUNT OF THE SPONSORSHIP.

WATCH THE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNMJLQqCC20