A classroom like home

Silver Award for Excellence 2019

Corporate Communication

Procter & Gamble & Graffiti PR


For more than 180 years, P&G’s ambition worldwide has been to touch and improve lives. In recent years, P&G has developed important global citizenship programs. In Romania though, the company aimed to localize P&G’s global philosophy and develop a local campaign to underline its commitment to communities.

A serious matter in Romania, education has been declining rapidly in the past years. We can most certainly talk about the low quality of education, but what are the factors that have led to this? Without proper modernization, schools have become obsolete. And without modern schools, the motivation of both parents & children towards education has reached a new low.

The environment you learn in affects the quality of your education, so we decided to get involved and give schools the much-needed facelift that would motivate kids to come to school and learn better.

To bring this idea to life we partnered with various stakeholders: an NGO for identifying the schools with highest drop-out rates; a retailer to involve consumers via a CRM mechanism; KOLs to generate awareness throughout the campaign and media to increase awareness on P&G’s commitment to P&G support education by reshaping the classrooms.

Next, we partnered with one of the most prominent young architects in Romania – Omid Ghannadi, to create the design that would be implemented. Why? Because the spaces in which we live greatly impact our lives, especially during childhood, so we needed to create a friendly environment, adequate for 6-7 years old children.

The way we’ve told the story was also new for P&G: via authentic school-time stories of our influencers, constant updates on the project and a big celebration with the children at the end of the renovation.

Our stakeholders’ reactions were beyond expectations: coverage was almost three times bigger versus initial target, generating over 40 million PR impressions. In social media, considering all posts were organic, the reach and engagement rates placed our campaign in the upper echelons of performance.

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