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LIDL HQ. Coolest home for the coolest team

In 2018, Lidl was moving to new headquarters, a high-class building in terms of sustainability standards (Breeam Oustanding standard). At the same time, Lidl was in a process of transforming the leadership principles, the values, and the organizational culture. The new office building became the voice of Lidl as a brand, as an employer, as an innovator, all within the context of sustainability.

Lidl. Surprising People. Surprising Careers

Lidl Romania has grown rapidly, and currently has more than 5,000 employees. To keep up that pace, we needed new human resources, as well as to build loyalty among existing employees. Thus, Lidl integrated brand communication, developed under the slogan ”You Deserve To Be Surprised”, with employer values, and launched ”Surprising People. Surprising Careers” – a corporate campaign meant to position Lidl as an employer.

You also… deserve to be surprised

In just five years, Lidl Romania expanded with more than 200 stores and four logistical centers. Since we are constantly developing, we needed to build customer loyalty and boost the engagement level among our main clients – Lidl employees. The transformation of brand communication by shifting focus towards the emotional aspect (You deserve to be surprised!) was an opportunity to change the tone-of-voice internally, and to launch an utterly unexpected campaign.