BRD First Tech Challenge – Future of robots

Silver Award for Excellence 2017

Tech PR

BRD – Groupe Société Générale & GOLIN


The communication campaign Future of Robots had the purpose of bringing awareness on MINDCRAFT as well as BRD`s partnership with FIRST Tech Challenge, in order to increase brand’s perception in the education area and among our target public, the youngsters.

The campaign focused mainly on a storytelling component created with the help of Eva, a technology enthusiast of only 10 years old, who dreams of building a robot, but was also grounded in a strong media relations campaign.

By involving in the campaign public figures which are not related to technology and robotics at a first glance – such as Gheorghe Hagi, Dana Rogoz and Andreea Esca – , we’ve made innovation and robotics no longer seem inaccessible and gave it a human feel.  

The result was that BRD was perceived as an active member of society, one that is interested in the future of the younger generation and offers them access to technology.

Following the campaign:

  • we generated over 60 materials in Tier 1 and Tiers 2 publications about the competition mentioning BRD;
  • over 20 posts were published in social media under the #FutureOfRobots hashtag;
  • 25 journalists and bloggers met our endorsers live and attended the event at our invitation;
  • the online videos about the #FutureOfRobots exceeded 335,000 views in only three weeks only on YouTube;

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