The Romanian Kitsch Museum

A brand new and hip museum, with an innovative theme, opens in the old center of Bucharest. Five months later into the campaign, the Romanian Kitsch Museum became one of the most popular destinations in Bucharest. We resorted to a non-conventional PR campaign inspired by the identity of the museum. The launch consisted of two actions: a tour for the media in the morning and a kitsch party in the evening.

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Raluca vs Hollywood Multiplex

On a Sunday morning, the Hollywood Multiplex (HM) cinema “woke up” in the midst of a crisis. This occurred because Raluca Zdrobiș, a single mother as well as a blogger, stated that an employee of the cinema refused to sell her the Family package of tickets and called her and her kids “not a real family”. In 24 hours, her article is the most popular in the blogosphere, with an estimated reach of 350,000 persons (including influencers), who blame the brand and demand explanations.

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The future jobs were not invented yet

Avenor College is one the few top schools in Romania that have an international recognition, British Schools Overseas. In the first half or 2019, Avenor looked for a way to increase awareness, upon the fact that it is the school that aims to educate future leaders; therefore, it looks forward to finding smart and enthusiastic kids. In this context, our challenge was to creatively introduce parents (aged 30-40) to the teaching alternative Avenor College offers its students, one that focuses on the child`s emotional and psychological development, enhancing his passions.

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Romania has rocker blood

Romania holds the last place in Europe by the number of blood donors: only 1.7% of Romanians donate blood, almost 10 times less than the Danes. The first half of 2019 was marked by an acute lack of blood: in the first quarter of this year, at the Blood Transfusion Center in Bucharest, the largest blood transfusion center in the country, registered 1,100 fewer donors than in the same period of 2018, while the need for current blood remains double. In this context, the morning show of ROCK FM – Morning Glory with Răzvan Exarhu initiated a campaign encouraging people to donate blood, constant and voluntary, in partnership with the blood Transfusion center of Bucharest and Donorium, an application that makes blood donation We started the campaign from the insight that people donate blood when they are triggered by an inner resort. That resort would be, in our case, the music. Music that can change the world, because music can change people, as artist Bono said.

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You are not obliged to. But it would be good if you did it

The Jazz in the Park Fund is a project that works through and in the support of the local community. Through the “Nu ești obligat. Dar e bine să o faci. / You are not obliged to. But it would be good if you did it.” campaign, Fapte Association wanted to focus on the idea that, in order to make a change in the world, people need to start thinking in small circles: oneself, families and groups of friends, local communities and so on.

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Each year, 500 new cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed in Romania. Another 5.000 children are already undergoing treatment. Unfortunately, pediatric cancers can only be treated in a handful of specialist clinics scattered throughout the country, often far from the children’s homes.

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