Communication in financial sector

factory by Raiffeisen Bank

In 2018, Raiffeisen Bank launched the pilot edition of “factory by Raiffeisen Bank”, the company`s first online financing competition, dedicated to start-ups. In 2019, Raiffeisen Bank wanted to develop the program in order to make it more attractive to the entrepreneurial community, thus positioning the brand as one that supports the start-up community. However, communicating this program came with several challenges, such as low awareness among Romanian entrepreneurs, the fact that Romania was going through a period of political turmoil and fiscal changes, plus the general perception that it would be difficult to obtain financing for one`s business idea.

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Money Bistro, Season 1

Romanians love, dream, spend a lot on food… but they never „digest” money lessons. Rogalski Damaschin PR decided to put on their tables financial appetizers for a healthy life, and opened Money Bistro. The first video series about financial education was created for Raiffeisen Bank at the end of 2018, and reached up to 10,000,000 Romanians.

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The most extensive financial education program in Romania

In 2016, BCR launched ‘Școala de Bani’ (The School of Money) and from 2018 transformed it into the largest and most consistent financial education program in Romania, through courses for adults and young people in either companies, headquarters or schools, a mobile exhibition of financial education for children and a dedicated digital platform, all involving more than 1.000 financial education teachers, all BCR experts.

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