The most extensive financial education program in Romania

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In 2016, BCR launched ‘Școala de Bani’ (The School of Money) and from 2018 transformed it into the largest and most consistent financial education program in Romania, through courses for adults and young people in either companies, headquarters or schools, a mobile exhibition of financial education for children and a dedicated digital platform, all involving more than 1.000 financial education teachers, all BCR experts.

In 2018, BCR made a step forward and increased its effort in financially educating Romanians. Romanians of all ages. 


Financial education workshops in BCR branches every Thursday, held by BCR teachers.

Financial education workshops at corporate headquarters, in universities, high schools, primary schools and kindergartens

Online campaign with influencers: Lino Golden wrote a song called “Financially Independent” to promote ideas of financial independence, responsible management of the personal budget;

Partnership with Global Money Week where BCR employees visited over 260 schools and were financial education teachers for 25.000 children and young people.

Joining “Museum Night” in 11 cities. We aimed to transpose the essential information of financial education for children.

Școala de bani pe roți, the FLIP truck, an itinerant financial education exhibition for children between the ages of 7 and 14, whose purpose is to help the little ones to realize the importance of proper money management.

The world’s largest financial education lesson deployed in several locations certified by the Guinness World Record in October 2018, where no less than 13,230 people participated in 59 locations in 22 cities.


  • 220.000 people attended the Școala de Bani financial education workshops out of which 60.000 children, 50.000 adolescents and 110.000 adults
  • 2500 locations served as classrooms (companies meeting rooms, branches, kindergartens, schools, high-schools and universities) and over 1000 BCR employees trained Romanians to have a more financial responsible behavior
  • Financial literacy workshops in 200 cities
  • Partnerships with universities, schools and high schools
  • 000 persons attended a financial education workshop in the cities FLIP visited
  • 000 children and young people from 46 cities were trained during Global Money Week
  • 230 people participated in the world’s largest financial education lesson deployed in 59 locations, as certified by the Guinness World Record in October 2018

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