Culture & Art

Grivita53 Eggs Festival

In 2016, Chris Simion-Mercurian, one of the most appreciated Romanian theatre directors, sold her grandmother’s home to pursue the dream of building the first Romanian private theatre from the ground up, after 72 years since in 1946, the engineer Liviu Ciulei has built for his son, the director Liviu Ciulei, the Nottara Theater. Since then, no such initiative has been replicated in Romania.

The Giving Tree

UniCredit Bank continues a decade old tradition and supports the largest cultural event in Romania – The Sibiu International Theatre Festival (FITS) – a major celebration of arts: 540 events and lots of sponsors, including 5 other banks. How could UniCredit brand activation stand out?

The Moromete Family: On the Edge of Time

At the end of 2017 a sequel to one of the most popular Romanian films (Moromeții – 1987) was announced to be launched in November 2018 under the title Moromeții 2 /The Moromete Family: On the Edge of Time. Screen adaptation of one of the most famous Romanian novels, the movie follows the life of Moromete family after World War II, with Romania being overpowered by Communism.

100 ABSOLUT Artists

Romanians do enjoy consuming arts & culture, but they do not seek it in an active way.
In this equation, in 2018 entered ABSOLUT, the leading brand in the Imported Vodka category. This is a brand that breaths creativity, from selling it to the consumers to challenging the communication industry to prove creative skills repeatedly to live up to the Absolut brand legacy.

The Banknote Concert | dARe By Samsung

A study initiated by the National Institute for Cultural Research and Information in 2018 shows that Romanians’ participation in cultural events such as classical music is only 13% throughout the country. The remaining 87% of Romanians admit that they have never been to a classical music event.

The Imaginary Detector – Ideo Ideis Partnership

By creating a game of perspectives with “The Imaginary Detector” we showed how theatre can be a training tool for people who want to perceive the world with all its nuances and subtleties, people who want to understand life with all its intricacies.