100 ABSOLUT Artists

Silver Award for Excellence 2018

Culture & Art

Pernod Ricard & Graffiti Public Relations: 100 ABSOLUT Artists


Romanians do enjoy consuming arts & culture, but they do not seek it in an active way.

In this equation, in 2018 entered ABSOLUT, the leading brand in the Imported Vodka category. This is a brand that breaths creativity, from selling it to the consumers to challenging the communication industry to prove creative skills repeatedly to live up to the Absolut brand legacy. In the year of Centenary, ABSOLUT asked us to stand out from the crowd and support brand equity by developing a comms campaign routed into its brand philosophy. The brief main’s requirement: make an impact.

RESEARCHWe began by better understanding the social and business contextAccording to 2017 Romanian Cultural Consumption Barometer, launched by INCFC*, Romanian youngsters are more willing to consume entertainment with a cultural nuance, pop art, then in an academic manner. It proves for our strategic target – progressive connectors – that creativity, art and culture are topics which our audience hold true to their hearts. Creativity is the millennials’ weapon for change.

PLANNING – STRATEGIC /CREATIVE APPROACH – Our big idea? We launched 100AbsolutArtists.ro, the first Romanian arts curating platform acting as an online springboard for 100 rising Romanian artists that have the potential to create a better world through their artistic acts.

PR TARGET – Aspiring & Ambitious Socials, 18-35 YO medium-high income, high education, living in big urban areas. They look for quality in established brands although they can’t always afford what they want.

OBJECTIVES – Through this campaign, Absolut aimed to Stand out from the crowd and strengthen brand equity, Develop an integrated communication platform with one message across channels that should be strong enough to become main brand asset for the next 3 years of communication and Make an impact on the Romanian artistic scene.

DEPLOYMENT – Our hero execution was 100absolutartists.ro, where 5 curators, selected to represent an authority in the domains of Film, Music, Literature, Contemporary Arts and Fashion Design, deployed a curatorial effort to identify the most promising 20 artists in their field. The 360-campaign followed the journey from online to offline at Untold, where a special ABSOLUT self-expression space was designed for hundreds of Untolders to discover their inner artist.

CREATIVITY – A relevant, long-lasting brand commitment demonstrates Absolut’s support of Romanian arts & culture scene through 100AbsolutArtist.ro as the first arts curating platform.

INNOVATION – In a socially and politically challenged environment as we find in Romania today, we feel it is time for brands to take on new roles and help building a better society. Some of the artists displayed on the platform have a huge potential to change Romania for better, through art. Cheers to that!

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