Each year, 500 new cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed in Romania. Another 5.000 children are already undergoing treatment. Unfortunately, pediatric cancers can only be treated in a handful of specialist clinics scattered throughout the country, often far from the children’s homes.

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Life hangs by a thread of hair

One of the most affected patients in Romania are children suffering of cancer due to a poor health sector with no appropriate conditions for the little ones and with no involvement from authorities. The unfortunate consequence of this reality is that, in Romania, one of two children suffering of cancer is dying, while in Europe, 80% of those affected will eventually survive the disease.

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The Sound of Helplessness

Unu si Unu NGO wanted to launch a campaign that would make a wider audience empathize with the situation of families with prematurely born children (known as preemies or premmies) and to announce a new initiative: the creation of the first multidisciplinary center for families with long-term hospitalized children.

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