The Sound of Helplessness

Silver Award for Excellence 2017


Unu și Unu Association & GMP PR


Unu si Unu NGO wanted to launch a campaign that would make a wider audience empathize with the situation of families with prematurely born children (known as preemies or premmies) and to announce a new initiative: the creation of the first multidisciplinary center for families with long-term hospitalized children. This was because over 35,000 parents faced a feeling of helplessness caused by the long-term hospitalization of their children and they did not know whom to turn to in their need of support.

That’s why GMP PR created an interactive installation – a three-meter high audio statue, that had the shape of headphones which invites you, for several minutes, to experience what a parent of a prematurely born baby feels and confront his/her fears. The sound of the installation includes real-life stories and messages that parents of preemies are daily exposed and was activated by means of a sensor once a visitor entered. The experience was so moving that most visitors left with tears in their eyes.

The launch of the new initiative took the shape of a press event. This took place in a mall, in a space with a high footfall. The event was hosted by the vice president of the NGO Diana

Gămulescu, also a mother of a preemie who fought for this cause for 4 years now, the actress and blogger Tily Niculae, psychologist Delia Manciuc and dr Ioana Rosca, head of the neonatology section at the Hospital Prof. Dr. Panait Sârbu. For a month, the audio statue was in the ParkLake Shopping Center.

Among the results were that over 22,000 people went into the audio statue in 30 days, as the activations of the sensor proved, and over 300,000 people saw it.  Over 70 articles in print and online press were generated.  The NGO managed to collect over 10,000 euro for the creation of the first multidisciplinary center for families with long-term hospitalized children. 




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