Education for Performance

Silver Award for Excellence 2019

Sport & Entertainment

Juventus Academy & PiArt Vision


Education for Performance (Educație pentru Performanță) is a campaign carried out together with Juventus Academy București – a football academy for 5-13 years old children. The Academy’s vision is to prepare future champions which also educated people – There’s no place for champions where’s no education.

Context: Sport performance in Romania is suffering due to the lack of a vision and a clear youth strategy

• Sending the key messages to the target audience – There’s no place for champions where’s no education
• Positioning Juventus Academy Bucuresti as the first Romanian football academy with an educational strategy.
• Awareness and notoriety for JAcademy Bucuresti

• Education for Performance
• Football training according to the Juventus methodology

Directions of communication
1. Presentation of the Juventus model
2. Cultural & educational events
3. Sport performance

Reassessments and adjustments to the plan during its implementation
Difficulties encountered: Resistance of parents, who did not understand from the beginning the idea that There’s no place for champions where’s no education.

Solution: promote and explain the message Education for Performance among the community

• Creating the concept itself #EducațiePentruPerformanță
• Creating the concept that integrates the parent into the academy flow
• Hosting a Calligraphy class on the Juventus Academy Bucuresti football field.

Innovation: Launching the EfP Application – collects information and offers reports about each football player after trainings and games

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