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Golden Award for Excellence 2019

Environmental communication

Apa Nova & Porter Novelli


In 2018, domestic consumers disposed of 1800 cubic meters of non-permitted waste in the sewage system.

Apa Nova took the responsibility to educate consumers into responsible sewage use.

The campaign launched in June 2019 with a series of three TVCs centered around three types of waste which are frequently thrown in the sewer: hair, oil and condoms.

Online, consumers could visit the interactive landing page, www.povesticufinalfericit.ro,

In social media, we took a bold approach to content by creating “memes for change”, Apa Nova endorsed memes that would carry on our responsibility message.

We then reached out to local influencers Razvan Exarhu, Sinziana Negru and Micutzu who got to share their own story of responsible decisions.

Domestic consumers received tailored inserts in their Apa Nova bill and in their residential building hallways.

Internally, the campaign was communicated through intranet & posters, followed by inserts in Aquazette, the company’s internal magazine.


  • 3,765,720 media impressions (100% favorability).
  • 70 online articles
  • 37,000 users visited povesticufinalfericit.ro in one month (June-July 2019), generating 41,000 sessions and 117,000 page views
  • 360,000 video views and 8,000 interactions in social media
  • 8,000 interactions in social media
  • Residential building administrators across the city started writing on Apa Nova Facebook page, proactively asking for more informative materials to disseminate inside the buildings they manage showing that their interest in the issue is high.



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