Libra Energize – A life changing program

Silver Award for Excellence 2019

Employer Branding

Libra Bank


Libra Energize is an internal competition where teams composed of the bank’s employees compete, throughout one year, in very interesting sports competitions, such as: asphalt run or mountain run, biking, swimming, climbing, kayak, CrossFit, archery, gun shooting, rally etc.

During its 8 editions, Libra Energize had 820 participants, 6,300 km were run on asphalt, 24,000 km on mountain; 5,000 km of cycling, 20 km swimming, 80 kayak routes, 200 archery/gun shooting tests. 100 climbs, 1600 workshops (for example, zipline, rappel, kayaks, rock climbing)

The theme for which the Libra Energize program was built is outlining of a strong employer brand, which emphasizes the balance between professional and personal lives and the development of employees in these two directions. The actions built within the Libra Energize program are truly spectacular, they are things you do once in a lifetime and which you remember for the rest of your life.

Libra Energize appeared in a context defined by 5 fundamental needs: to attract top talents into the company; of having teams formed by relaxed and productive employees, with a good balance between professional and personal lives; for a community, for belonging to a group created around shared passions; for a good office relationship between colleagues, especially since 25% of them work remotely and to increase the retention of employees, in a very dynamic labour market.

We had 4 objectives: (1) Recognition of Libra Internet Bank, as a cool employer, through Libra Energize; (2) Attracting top talents; (3) Increasing employee retention and descreasing employment costs. All four objectives were achieved.

The main message we carried along this program was: “Libra Energize is the program that really changes lives.”

Our communication channels were: externallybank’s website, with a dedicated page, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube), media (Ziarul Financiar), endorsement (321 sport team); sport events and on site (branded t-shirts, tents, caps) and internally  – newsletters, intranet, video teasers, indoor.

The creativity of our Libra Energize project consists in the format itself: a semi-professional or even professional sports competition, carried out during a whole year, in which teams of employees of the bank participate.

We use sport and Libra Energize to send our messages in a clear, original way. The messages we want to send as an employer brand: we are young, competitive, eager for great results, undergoing continuous development and we work excellently in a team, relying on fair play and support.

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