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Bitdefender is a Romanian cybersecurity company, one of the global leaders in this field, proudly representing and promoting Romanian intelligence. All of Bitdefender’s products have the primary purpose of protecting over 500 million users worldwide from online threats. Worldwide, cybersecurity is one of the main concerns of our era, as high-profile breaches endanger people’s right to privacy, businesses, personal data security, and even the social-economic climate.

However, online risks and dangers often have a human face and they can not be prevented with just a cybersecurity software. As a tech company, Bitdefender studies human behavior in online to try to predict product trends and to act on all fronts, educating the audience and giving them the right tools for protection.

One global phenomenon that is also growing in Romania, taking over the lives of online users is cyberbulling. The effects cause long time trauma for the bullied and cyberbulling is a hidden form of violence.

However, the internet is hardly regulated, public interest for this phenomenon is almost nonexistent and there was no relevant data for how cyberbulling is impacting Romanian teens.

As a company dedicated to online protection, in all its form, Bitdefender took it as a mission to unravel how much cyberbulling is affecting users and to put the issue on the public agenda, to start working for relevant programs that would educate, change attitudes, and open a conversation with teens, with parents, with the organizations.

We created an anonymous online survey for teens, with questions about cyberbulling. Have you ever been cyberbullied? Have you ever been the online bully? Who did you tell? Did you get help? How were you cyberbullied? How did it impact you? – and many more.

To get relevant answers and as many as possible for a credible survey sample, we partnered with the biggest online community for teens. The Offtopic closed Facebook Group that had over 150k members in 2017. The admins of the group posted the online survey and we waited.

In 48 hours, we got 800 answers.

We were talking to teens, so the message had to be striking, simple, worth of their attention.

After thorough analysis of our data, we constructed a message that would have both double entendre and deliver a strong call to action: Log Out Of Hate (Nu Tasta Ură).

We wrapped all our tactics around this message stressing a let-go-of-hate attitude, because cyberbulling is an act of hate.

Behind this powerful message we had multiple clear messages that were communicating real actions:

  • Sign a petition for the implementation of an anti cyerbulling reaction button on Facebook.
  • Watch the Log Out Of Hate videos to find the truth about the effects of cyberbulling.

We used an integrated digital approach to communicate all our messages, to make sure we would reach our target.



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