Matteo Scaravelli

Director Communications and Branding EMEA, Schaeffler

Matteo is a senior communications executive with a strong digital affinity and a passion for people development. During his 20 years of work with Siemens, he has been collaborating with global and regional leaders, contributing to the internationalization of the company positioning and communication, as well as developing and implementing processes that led to a more agile and effective collaboration model throughout the global organization.

Both in his roles of Vice President Communications at headquarters and Director Communications and Government Affairs in different regions, Matteo has developed and led company reputation and brand programs, as well as set up innovative marketing communications strategies and platforms, contributing to strengthen the global and regional positioning of the group, particularly in the field of digitalization. Global Communications and Leadership are a clear focus of his work since the years spent at the company headquarters, where he was responsible for the global coordination of the group’s communications activities, as well as for the professional development of its international marketing and communications workforce.

Matteo holds a degree in Political Sciences with focus on international economy by the University of Pavia (Italy), as well as an MBA in Communications and Leadership by the Technical University of Munich (Germany), where he currently serves as a member of the Advisory Board for the Executive Education programs. An Italian citizen, he has been studying and working in Italy, Germany, UK, France, USA, the United Arab Emirates and the Czech Republic and speaks five languages.