Gabriella Wiiala

Business Director at Spoon

Gabriella is a senior executive communication consultant at Spoon with more than 15 years experience from the communication industry.

At her current position as a business director in the award winning, global content marketing agency Spoon, she works on a strategic level with a large number of clients in many different industry fields. Her area of expertise lies in diversity & inclusion, employer branding, entrepreneurship and tech for international clients and global accounts.

In the role as business director, she is part of Spoon Stockholms management team since 2011 and has been leader for several team configurations with up to 20 persons reporting directly to her.

Spoon is a creative agency, in a branch with tough competition, where success is dependent on creativity and innovation. A diverse and including workplace creates new ways of thinking and different outlooks, which in turn drives creativity and innovation. 

Gabriella started her communication career working with internal communications at a global level for the cosmetic company Oriflame. Since then, she has worked with brands and organisations such as Axel Johnson, Swedfund, Dustin, Bonnier and Bisnode.

She is also Chairman of the board in the organization Diversity Charter Sweden, part of the EU network.