Pampers says “Good night, concerns!”

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Context: The last couple of years haven’t been easy for Pampers. Although a dominant leader of the category, Pampers was losing ground with moms. By mid-2017, Pampers, whom before was a true love brand, started confronting with a lot of negative reactions from moms turning the brand’s Facebook page into a section of complaints.

Research: After rolling out a local online survey and extensive social media listening, we’ve discovered that most of the parents struggle with getting their babies to sleep and especially keeping them asleep during the night. Moms are dealing with even deeper personal anxiety when it comes to a baby’s sleep.

Planning: Our strategic approach was to surprise and captivate moms with babies under 3 through a brand demonstration of how it helps babies (and parents) get a good night’s sleep, meant to generate engagement with our target and reaffirm the product superiority.

Good night, worries – The making of a hit

We took the top answers parents gave us and shaped them into a lullaby song named “Good night, worries”. The song aimed for a double effect – while the lullaby melody would help put their baby to sleep, the lyrics reassured parents they don’t need to worry anymore.

Together with it, Pampers became the first brand to step into the baby sleep territory, previously untouched by other brands. The song was our mean to bring this topic, one extremely important for parents, yet superficially addressed on the public agenda, into the spotlight. And this opened not only new doors, but also hearts. 

The launch: bringing the song in the newsfeed of moms

Parents were given a voice through our Pampers “Good night, worries!” lullaby. In return, the same parents that have inspired it have transformed it into a hit. After launching the song through our brand channels and endorsers, the lullaby rapidly gained the attention of media and some of the most popular parenting bloggers, such as Ruxandra Luca, Miruna Siminel and Florina Badea.

And this was not all. Pampers got praised by the most respected Mommy community – La primul bebe (At first baby). Despite their strict rule that forbids advertising on the group, our branded lullaby impressed the group founder herself to agree to a brand collaboration and post the lullaby herself.

Next, we extended the conversation on radio too, while on parenting websites special articles with Pampers experts’ advice regarding baby sleep were published. 

By early December, Moms had confirmed the lullaby was a hit. Seeing how it was gaining fast traction on YouTube organically, Pampers decided to air a short part of it on TV, too.

Results: Overall, the campaigned scored beyond our expectations. More than 25 million PR impressions, while in digital, the “lullaby” organically scored historic results versus all Pampers previous digital ads: over 688,000 views on YouTube, a total watch time of 432,653 minutes, equivalent of 300 days and an average percentage viewed of 80%. Even more, the positive engagement for Pampers on Social Media massively outweighed the negative: +50% number of positive comments on the Pampers FB page, and by January 2018, negative comments dropped to 10%. And it was not just in the comments section. The brand’s inbox was flooded by a record of hundreds of direct messages from Moms saying how much they love the lullaby, humming it to their babies in the evening as part of their going to sleep ritual.

Pampers says “Good night, worries” lullaby:

Credits: Adrian Klein – producer, Loredana Cavasdan – songwriter & singer, Irina Becher, Creative Director Leo Burnett – songwriter.

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