Replate waste

Silver Award for Excellence 2018

Digital PR

Pizza Hut & Golin


Food waste is something people have been living with for a long time. Most might have overlooked it, though. The idea of the “Replate Waste” campaign was assembling a digital mechanism that transformed a general “infamous” individual deed (generating food waste basically almost every time you eat) into the inspiration for a creative process and, ultimately, a good deed. We turned to digital to make people part of a change: awareness on a global issue, on one hand, and support for a social cause, on the other.

The flow in shaping the campaign started with partnering with one of the most well-known food stylists in Romania that took the leftovers that remained after people had their meal at Pizza Hut making an artistic arrangement on plates. Then, professional food photographers took pictures of the „creations”. What resulted was a beautiful set of mouth-watering food pictures.

We partnered with Shutterstock, the world’s famous image bank, which became the digital channel that hosted the photos of the campaign, promoting also the brand and the initiative on their blog. With that in place, we created the ReplateWaste platform that presented the food waste phenomenon and the individual impact, the idea of the campaign, its mechanism, the donation implication through contributing to “Hospice Casa Sperantei” foundation. Its essence was showcased by a campaign video documentary. The site also includes a digital gallery with all the photographs of the campaign and a direct link to Shutterstock where people could buy them immediately.

Famous influencers were willing to join the “Replate Waste” project pro bono, thus supporting this movement of us all being more aware of the fact that, more than often, we order more than we can eat, a fact that we can all easily control once we acknowledge it. The campaign drew attention of a main TV station in Romania and created buzz in the online environment.

Pizza Hut was the first brand to approach the food waste cause in Romania in a CSR campaign. As we repurposed food leftovers, the campaign established an innovative way to donate by creating a continuous founding system. We turned to experts for each stage of the campaign, we partnered with the world’s most famous stock image platform, we challenged influencers to re-plate their own leftovers to raise awareness among their communities, we used social media’s best platforms to start a discussion about this topic.

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