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Silver Award for Excellence 2019

Employer Branding



At the beginning of 2018, JYSK, the Scandinavian furniture retailer was planning to open about 150 new positions in Romania the following year. The company needed an employer branding campaign, aiming to position it on the labor market and to attract candidates for the positions soon to be opened.

We decide to promote the Scandinavian values of the company and the hygge philosophy found in the JYSK working environment. The decision was taken based on a study conducted to discover people’s perception on the brand as an employer, which showed that potential employees are most interested in work benefits like work-life balance, team, opportunity to grow on the job.

JYSK is perceived by people outside the company as an employer offering a friendly and relaxed work environment. The most appreciated benefits are the pleasant working environment (70.69%), training and development opportunities (60.34%) and meal and holiday vouchers (44.83%).

The main objectives of the campaign were to increase the brand’s employer reputation and the desirability amongst potential employees, but also to increase the retention rate for current ones and to double the traffic on the career website.  

The campaign lasted for 6 months and our approach was to build on the insight confirmed by international studies that people in the Nordic countries are the happiest people in the world.

We picked 10 ambassadors among the current employees to send out our messages about the working conditions, the benefits and opportunities that the Scandinavian style jobs offers. Their messages were visible through the country, in all stores, through the companies’ owned channels and through mass media communication. 

A study contacted by JYSK at international level demonstrated that employees at JYSK Romania are happier about their jobs and the working environment then the international average.

The coverage generated by the subject reached over 2 million views, via press articles and the communication campaign on Facebook and Youtube considerably increased the employer’s visibility.

All job openings have been covered, the turnover rate was 15% and we registered a 45% increase of the employment rate.

As a result of the campaign, JYSK received the AON Romania Best Employer Award.

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