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After Us Means Also To Think BIGar

Started in 2015, the After Us platform sits at the heart of Coca-Cola HBC’s corporate responsibility agenda and is the consumer sustainability platform of the company.  After Us is the embodiment of everything we hold dear: care for the community, keeping traditions alive and our love for the environment.

We began our journery in Tara Dornelor (the Land of Dornas) and less than a year later, we’ve written a new episode, in the Caras-Severin County, at the Bigar Waterfall.

Although the Bigar waterfall was voted the most beautiful unique waterfall in the world by, few Romanians knew about it and even fewer had visited the place.

As some of the best ideas come when you’re really paying attention, we immediately understood that the most beautiful unique waterfall in the world needed a story to match its beauty.

That’s how a group of employees from the Coca-Cola HBC Timisoara plant came up with the wonderful idea to turn one of the most beautiful, but rather ignored natural wonders in Romania, into a tourist destination to behold. So we took on the challenge.

What started as a small effort to give access to visitors trying to enjoy the tremendous beauty of the Bigar Waterfall soon turned into a huge joint project. A project for community, if we think that over 10,000 people visited the waterfall in the first weekend after the launch event. Sometimes heroes walk among us and acknowledging them is the innovation.

That’s how heroic tales are born. And this has been our intention since the inception of Dupa Noi – to contribute to a better world and inspire other to join us.

Rewriting the story of the Bigar waterfall has been an incredible journey and the results speak for themselves:

  • Over 100 materials written in the local and national press – print, online, SM, radio and 5 prime-time TV news
  • Social media impact: 4,000 likes, 500 shares shortly after event
  • High impact of our messages: impressions/day: > 2.2 mil., reach/day: > 4.4 mil. people

We are the guardians of what we leave after us. Let’s always think BIGar!

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