Leo Burnett

Pampers says “Good night, concerns!”

The last couple of years haven’t been easy for Pampers. Although a dominant leader of the category, Pampers was losing ground with moms. By mid-2017, Pampers, whom before was a true love brand, started confronting with a lot of negative reactions from moms turning the brand’s Facebook page into a section of complaints.

The QLife behind the perfect image

Personal cars in Romania represent over 80% of passenger traffic and electric vehicles are still less than 1% of the total number of cars in Bucharest – there are still important limitations when it comes to the high costs of these cars as well as the fast charging infrastructure available – as a result, extremely few people have access to such cars. We saw that as an opportunity to launch Uber Green in Romania, a fully electric ridesharing service, first as a pilot that would then be developed in partnership with authorities and carmakers. Sharing the road to a greener future.