The QLife behind the perfect image

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Brand PR – New products and services

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Samsung QLED – the QLIFE behind the perfect image

This year’s global TV market sales are heating up. Now in the second quarter of 2017, global TV manufacturers are vying for the attention of consumers by displaying their latest premium TVs – products that are presently driving the entire television market. Among them, Samsung Electronics, the world’s No. 1 TV maker for 11 consecutive years, is looking to take the lead with its 2017 QLED TV.

Design experts agree that it is imperative that a television should add to the design of a home—not detract from it. Consumers want a TV that is as beautiful when turned off, as it is when it is on. This is exactly what Samsung kept in mind when designing the brand new QLED TV.

As we had a challenging mission, we wanted to know what was important for our audience, how to find their benchmarks for daily activity, happiness, design ideas and so on. So according to internal studies, we found out that the new QLED could count on two key features: design and technology. Thus, our challenge was to position Samsung as a tech leader while promoting the product to the interested highly premium audience.

Samsung Electronics’ QLED TV offers users an upgraded viewing experience through its unrivaled picture quality, lifestyle-centric design and enhanced smart features. Thus, our campaign was based on the idea that technology can give more than smart device.

We took our message online and offline through the voice of our influencers: the talented photographer IGU, just to focus on image quality, the visionary designer Visuell and the smart VIP Răzvan Exarhu, the man appreciated for his spirit and inventive lines. For traditional media, we created special experiences worthy to be told and pictured.

We launched our campaign as a follow-up to global launch. We focused on light and supported three communication pillars: Q Picture (that expresses the importance of color in everyday life),

QStyle (that points out the importance of our living space and the way it looks when we relax, have fun or spend time with the loved ones) and QSmart (that reveals the benefits of QLED technology).

Following the main pillars, we chose the best partners to talk about our products and to reveal the benefits of such a new product. They were main communicators even at the local launch event, where each of them had a key role, explaining, each in his area of specialization, the importance of a certain feature. We also created an We created an online platform, and used the social channels of our influencers in order to reach people that are interested in the best image and the best design to complement a premium lifestyle.

IGU was the ambassador Q Picture; He used light to draw various aspects in pictures with long exposure, that were later displayed on Samsung QLED TVs in some of the most major events in Bucharest. By doing so, he encouraged customers to test the capacity of the screen and experience the features of high resolution and exquisite images.

For Q Style pillar, we worked with Visuell design artist specialized in interior design. Her mission was to post the QLED in the perfect light at home, no matter the room set-up light or stands a consumer uses; her mission was to publish detailed articles in order to show that QLED can be the center pierce of any house, regardless the lighting and set-up. 

Razvan Exarhu, anchor, radio specialist, chef, writer was the ambassador of Q Smart and focused on product benefits and innovation. He challenged the audience to talk about what they expect from such a product and offered them in return a robotic class.

In conclusion, by using mixed content (video, pictures, articles) and ambassadors for each of the product’s communication pillar we managed to explain to different audiences the product benefits, the high technology comprised by the product and generated conversation on design to point out the beautiful lines of the new product.


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