LET’S Wow – Esmara by Heidi Klum

Silver Award for Excellence 2017

Fashion & Lifestyle

Lidl Romania & Golin


The entire idea of the international campaign – Let’s wow – was translated and adapted locally, in order to be more relevant to the Romanian consumers and to engage a new type of target, less tackled by Lidl before: the youngsters. We wanted to focus more on each piece of clothing from the collection, to show their utility, versatility, great materials and stylish design. We wanted to inspire women and to offer them a premium shopping experience, using as pretext the esmara by Heidi Klum collection. So we launched Lidl’s first fashion pop-up store in Romania – in Magheru One building (Bucharest), in the heart of the city. 

We saw in the “Let’s wow” platform the opportunity to make a huge strategic step on the market: to reach a very young target, that’s not among the traditional Lidl’s clients. We used the perfect mix of channels, the right influencers, the perfect story and key-messages in order to open for them a new perspective on what Lidl has to offer: qualitative products, at affordable prices. Moreover, for one month, we were the main inspiration source for them when it comes to fashion trends and outfits combinations, using all the know-how from the New York Fashion Week.

The fact that a discounter, as Lidl, has decided to enter the fashion niche is, by itself, a huge step for its positioning on the market and, why not, an innovation. But, what we managed to achieve in Romania, unlike other countries, was to adapt the whole communication platform locally, to be relevant for our clients and respond to their very specific needs. The fashion pop-up store (the first one on the Romanian market for Lidl) represents our solution for clients’ reluctance in buying Lidl’s clothing without being able to try them on. Although it’s not an easy process, we managed to transform the pop-up store into the main point of sale for the collection. It’s yet another step forward in being closer to our customers and even more receptive to their demands. 



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