Central Laboratory – The art of precise diagnostics

Silver Award for Excellence 2017

Brand PR – New products and services

Regina Maria Rețeaua Privată de Sănătate & McCann PR


When we think about medical labs we cannot imagine they are the hidden heros of the medical system. It’s because they are quietly and efficiently doing their job and but nobody really talks about them or acknowledges their importance.

When in April 2017 REGINA MARIA – The Private Healthcare Network opened the biggest and most state of the art laboratory in Romania, the only one reuniting all of its specialties, we knew it was the best moment for talking about the crucial importance of a well-equipped, competent laboratory. In a heartfelt.

We saw an opportunity in telling stories about how ours works and let people understand why laboratories matter so much. This wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t tell the story in a language they could understand and resonate with. And what language is more universal than that of art?

We set ourselves a mission that was courageous, just as courageous as launching the biggest laboratory: to achieve a memorable balance between the numbers expressed by medicine and the feelings expressed by art.

The art of precise diagnostics’ is a hyperbole explaining the science and the elaborate processes behind the lab’s doors using ‘art’ as a common reference for hard work, attention to details, thoroughness, real impact in people’s lives.

We commissioned an urban contemporary Romanian artist to stand behind the story of our new laboratory and create for each section of the laboratory a work of art that would represent it.  The next step was to introduce the new laboratory to the employees and to those from the medical field, after which we invited everybody in the Central Laboratory, from children and bloggers, to simple, curious visitors in order to discover it and the people working in it like they would discover a gallery and its artists.

And in the end, what we are most proud of is the fact that Regina Maria’s laboratory became a genuine destination for people to see it and to understand more about the science behind it. The campaign benefited of a huge amount of visibility which helped a lot the business: the number of tests ran in the new lab doubled this year.



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