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How do you transform something you cannot see, hardly understand even by specialists, in a relevant communication topic for your brand? Even more, follow-up on a successful campaign, which clearly showed what technology could do in a surgery room? You go further and experience some more with technology. More precisely, create the most detailed 3D model of a heart from Romania, then a human size reproduction of a heart intervention by using an advanced automatic virtual environment system, and get the most detailed & fully digital representation of how a heart intervention is actually done.

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Self-diagnose often leads to self-medication, perpetuating a self-destructive behavior, so we wanted to educate and encourage a preventive health behavior by launching a challenge, with only one possible answer: a doctor’s education and experience cannot, under no circumstance, be replaced by online search.

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In 2017, Raiffeisen Bank conducted an „inside out” research process to identify its strengths and weekness’, seeking to uncover existing truths about the bank which could be amplified. Most of the employees and its clients perceived the bank as an organization where `you do things properly`. Following these findings, Raiffeisen Bank decided to shift its brand signature from „We Succeed Together” to „Proper Banking” and to launch a national debate about responsibility: of individuals, of brands and, ultimately, of society as a whole.

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Romania is facing a social crisis, with steadily decreasing natality, demographic decline, and an unwanted top ranking in infant mortality and abortions across the EU. In 2018, Philips Avent, market leader in products for baby and toddlers, needed to tap into new opportunities to secure its decade-long leadership and further increase its share on a shrinking market. Graffiti PR created a brand campaign that regained followers, advocates and consumers by confronting Romanians’ cultural stereotypes regarding parenting.

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