Corporate Social Responsibility

Look, a stork!

With this campaign, ENEL and SOR have managed a premiere at European level: the first mobile application dedicated to a citizen science project aiming at implementing a stork census. Enel showed deep involvement in the welfare of the community and environment protection as it contributed both to securing the stork nests placed on electric poles thus protecting the storks from the danger of electrocution and to insuring proper function of the electric grid. The initiative has rapidly found its enthusiasts, and in the month while the pilot project was implemented, more than 8.000 storks have been identified.

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Think BIGar

Started in 2015, the After Us platform sits at the heart of Coca-Cola HBC’s corporate responsibility agenda and is the consumer sustainability platform of the company. After Us is the embodiment of everything we hold dear: care for the community, keeping traditions alive and our love for the environment.

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In 2015, ING was searching for a solution to help the industry grow sustainably, to support local businesses in the early stages of their development. They approached Impact Hub Bucharest – an organization deeply rooted in the entrepreneurial ecosystem – to help transform this idea into reality.

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In a Relationship

In a Relationship is part of Campania Respectului (Speak out against Domestic Violence), a project created along with Friends for Friends Foundation and dedicated to Romanian young adults, that puts the light on a delicate and sensitive aspect of high school life: the first love relations- what makes them work and what destroys them.

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New Life for Old Clothes

NGO Act for Tomorrow is constantly preoccupied to promote social responsibility and educate people on bettering their life quality in a way that preserves resources. A 2019 study on consumer behavior showed that we frequently wear on average only 20 of our clothes. Sounds wasteful, right? At the same time, textile waste is the 2nd biggest pollution source on the planet, while in Romania textile recycling infrastructure is a highly debated topic in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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Vocational Romania

Two years ago, OMV Petrom looked for a solution to address a three-fold issue: on one hand, the company had an ageing workforce, with lack of skilled craftsmen affecting long term performance. On the other hand, with operations in 300+ communities, the company needed to create job alternatives to prevent mono-industrialism.

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Cancel Cancer

The long terms efforts of Avon in the fight against breast cancer seemed to lag behind this harsh reality. We needed a new, braver approach, it was high time the discussion about breast cancer was both friendlier and firmer.

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Log Out Of Hate

Online risks and dangers often have a human face and they can not be prevented with just a cybersecurity software. As a tech company, Bitdefender studies human behavior in online to try to predict product trends and to act on all fronts, educating the audience and giving them the right tools for protection.

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