Tech PR

BRD First Tech Challenge – Future of robots

The communication campaign Future of Robots had the purpose of bringing awareness on MINDCRAFT as well as BRD`s partnership with FIRST Tech Challenge, in order to increase brand’s perception in the education area and among our target public, the youngsters.

The Banknote Concert | dARe By Samsung

A study initiated by the National Institute for Cultural Research and Information in 2018 shows that Romanians’ participation in cultural events such as classical music is only 13% throughout the country. The remaining 87% of Romanians admit that they have never been to a classical music event.

Mobil Nelimitat

Telekom Romania, one of the main players in the national telecommunication market, has adopted a courageous approach to its core business, constantly bringing new commercial offers that not only match those of the competition, but also disrupt the market. An example in this way was the campaign that Telekom launched in 2019, Mobil Nelimitat which introduced on the market for the first digital pre-to-postpaid card. It allows clients to activate their prepaid services or become subscribers in average in less than 5 minutes, through a completely digital experience.

1 Minute Challenge

With over 26 years of healthcare expertise, Philips Sonicare strives to give consumers the confidence that their oral health is improved when using products designed and approved by dental professionals. On a market where the number of electric toothbrush users is on an ascending trend, there are still manual users who don’t trust them, but if they were to be convinced of their effectiveness, they would be inclined to switch to electric products.

Log Out Of Hate

Online risks and dangers often have a human face and they can not be prevented with just a cybersecurity software. As a tech company, Bitdefender studies human behavior in online to try to predict product trends and to act on all fronts, educating the audience and giving them the right tools for protection.