Green power of Neversea

Silver Award for Excellence 2019

Environmental communication

Grupul CEZ, Neversea Festival & Rogalski Damaschin PR


Encouraged by the international trend in lifestyle, the young and adult generation of Romanians declares its determination to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle, and the partnership between CEZ Group in Romania and Neversea does nothing more than to support its plan.

CEZ Group in Romania – one of the country’s energy players that supplies with energy seven counties from the southern part was in 2019 for the second consecutive year the partner of the Neversea festival – the second largest music festival in the country. The collaboration of these two partners was set to mark a new era in energy & music communication – a more responsible to the environment and green attitude. This came in the context where CEZ Romania owns the largest offshore wind farm in Europe, located in Constanta county, less than 50 km from the beach where the Neversea festival is held.


In partnership with CEZ Group in Romania, Neversea aims to become the world’s first green-energy music festival in 2020, being powered by the green energy produced at CEZ Group’s windfarm.

One month before the Neversea festival, in order to fastly capture the attention of a generation that is constantly in search of the new, the campaign started with a world premier experience: the first DJ to mix from a wind turbine (at 100 meters altitude) from Europe’s largest onshore wind park – CEZ Wind Park. For the first time in the world, the sound of electronic music was heard from the top of a wind turbine, mixed over 5 hours in a unique place. The moment came to announce the green partnership between CEZ and Neversea

Also, the launch campaign confirmed that the CEZ area will be the first 100% green area within the 2019 edition.

We launched the campaign for the #GreenGeneration ot the open-minded generation that is always aware of everything that is important to the society they live in, but also connected all the time to the latest information and trends.

CEZ area within the festival was designed by the well-known architect (Alina Vilcu from the lead station PROTV show “Visuri la cheie”), supported by a green adviser, Dhaniel Nora. They have managed to turn the CEZ area into green friendly space for the #GreenGeneration.  CEZ “Oasis” area was a welcoming green space where everybody was invited to relax and to charge the phone with green energy. Also, it was fully powered with renewable energy and took measures to prevent and reduce any adverse environmental effects: by selectively collecting  the waste and its recycling; replacement of tableware and disposable plastic dishes with glasses or recyclable cardboards; removing plastic straws; selection of decorative elements that can be reused etc.

From the waste collected in the selective recycling units, CEZ built an artsy human structure after each festival day. In the form of a diving man, the Recycle Art Photo Spot was very successful among the festival attendees.

One of the most impressive moments during the festival was the activation from the main stage. Together with Neversea and CEZ volunteers, we distributed 15.000 paper windmills to the festival attendees at the mainstage, in order to create the biggest human wind farm. People were encouraged to raise the paper wind mills with a video projected on the stage screen. The CEZ paper windmills – the wind symbols – were present everywhere at the festival, even after the main stage activation.

During the festival, CEZ had two more green initiatives, based on e-mobility. The first, addressed to the general public, the association with Selly, the most followed vlogger in Romania, thus targeting the young people from the #GreenGeneration. With the help of Selly, we promoted the CEZ Electric Car by offering free rides home to the ones that answered us a few questions about their attitude towards green energy. Also, in the e-mobility category, the second initiative was sailing off the Black Sea guided by a journalist passionate about sailing – Lucian Mindruta, CEZ organized boat trips on the sea for CEZ partners and influencers (Shelly, Andrei Nourescu).


The campaign “Green power of Neversea” generated over 290  hits in the national and international media.

Although the brand was almost unknown among this generation of people, research conducted after the festival showed that 39% of festival attendees know that CEZ was among the sponsors of Neversea and also 34% of them mentioned the green energy for the scenes and the festival area.

One of the most important result was that, the campaign also confirmed the Romanians’ interest in green energy, thus becoming the basis for launching CEZ Verde – the 100% green energy product from CEZ Vanzare’s portfolio. Also, 8 electricians and 2 coordinators have been involved in organizing the festival for a month.

Regarding concrete actions meant to prevent and reduce any adverse environmental effects, during the festival, CEZ selectively collected over 100 kg of garbage, and the amount of green energy consumed in the CEZ area was 3470 kWh.

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