Absolut Romania Limited Edition

Silver Award for Excellence 2019

Brand PR – New products and services

Pernod Ricard & Graffiti PR


The kind of universal mega brand like ABSOLUT Vodka doesn’t need to develop local content or major brand acts in smaller markets like Romania, but for the first time in brand’s history, we had the opportunity to locally design the bottle wrapping for the iconic bottle, dedicated to the Romanian Centenary.

The brief came with a double challenge: use the momentum to develop a brand equity platform that will help us reconnect with our target and lead trial for the new Limited Edition.

We discovered a category of people whom our target respects and actively follow – rising artists. Not the artists that hit the TV, but the artistic underdogs that are struggling to gain exposure in the local artistic scene.

We designed a 360 integrated comms campaign that started with the launch of 100AbsolutArtists.ro, the first Romanian arts curating platform. Then, the brand launches its first locally designed Limited Edition – Absolut Romania. Moreover, it boosts equity by teaming up with the consumers in a cause-related marketing campaign to support local rising artists who show potential to change Romania for the better. A concept to be leveraged across all comms channels, via the first Absolut comms asset developed in Romania.

Key Message: To celebrate the Romanian Centenary, ABSOLUT launches Absolut Romania, the first locally designed Limited Edition encouraging the consumers to act and support the Romanian art scene with every sold limited-edition bottle.

For Romanian Centenary, ABSOLUT launches Absolut Romania, first locally designed Limited Edition. For brand equity, ABSOLUT exposes the rising artists in one website, releases a brand manifesto in video executions to make our brand act heard and links the LEB to cause-related marketing in art. Selected KOLS promote local contemporary art objects as Christmas gift ideas to support local art, including locally designed LED. Why? Based on LED sales, ABSOLUT offers 5 scholarships to rising artists from brand’s curatorial platform 100absolutartists.ro. Not only was The Limited-Edition Bottle’s message carried on by influencers, but a Direct Mailing was sent to over 50 recipients’ bloggers and journalists interested in art, culture and entertainment. The influencers’ content is amplified by ABSOLUT FB&IG to touch both communication & consumption target. Absolut Romania bottles are sold out & campaign put on hold.

First ever LED in Romania sold out ahead of schedule! It was the year of Romanian Centenary when the shelves were full of products with gifts. We got nothing for the consumer except the artsy design of the bottle and the chance to support the emerging local art scene with every sold bottle. Not only we ran out of stock, but the LED ended up being sold on AMAZON as a collector’s item.



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