Gillette SkinGuard – Confessions and irritations

Golden Award for Excellence 2019

Brand PR – New products and services

Procter & Gamble (Gillette Romania) & Graffiti PR, Leo Burnett, Mediacom


With more than 100 years legacy in continuously innovating and developing new razors for a comfortable shave, Gillette was about to introduce in Romania a totally new product that targeted men with highly sensitive skin during shaving. This time, the product came with only two blades and a unique innovation – SkinGuard technology. In order to avoid confusion among consumers who have already been used with innovations around the precision blades, we set the main product benefit at the core of our launch campaign.

We were about to talk with adult males, that have a busy life, are independent and live in an overstressed environment, daily sharing different types of irritations, most out of their control. This social context and the rising trend of the streaming platforms showed us that people are keen on content and skip the classic product ads. While digital media is still the channel with the highest growth, with Facebook & YouTube still dominating this landscape.

In this flood of many topics, Gillette competed with the entire content from a newsfeed. That is why, we had to gain cultural capital and connect it with consumers for the launch of SkinGuard and present the key messages and benefits: protection against irritations. To achieve this cultural capital, we had to partner with the right people, the ones who were already driving it: the relevant creators for our audience and leverage their background and interests.

We said “Action!” and launched Confessions and irritations. A 5 episodes humour-based mini-series created around a conversations format, that easily engages with our target audience. The key element were our creators that come from different territories, an all stars men team: athletes, musicians, actors, stand-up comedians, vloggers. Each took his turn on The Sensitive Man Chair, got a shave with the new Gillette SkinGuard and found out how the new technology works, while talking about what irritates them.

The mini-series was supported in communication by teasing materials: short videos, pre-rolls, bumper ads, static posts. The materials were posted by the host and his guests on their Social Media channels & on Gillette Romania Facebook page.

The conversation continued and was amplified. A special delivery was sent to influencers & journalists and an extra layer of product tests was added with influencers and selected celebrities. Everyone shared the experience with their communities in Social Media. We even crossed boundaries and got reshared by Gillette UK.



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