H&M Summer Villa

Silver Award for Excellence 2019

Brand PR – New products and services

H&M Romania & MSL The Practice


In the midst of summer collection launches, the campaign had one purpose: to promote both regular and swimwear collections, and invite consumers to join H&M on a grand experience. The campaign had to tell a summer-long story that would strengthen H&M as a brand, drive traffic, conversion and purchase in online and physical stores. The right influencers had to be chosen in order to create engaging content and be relevant for both women and men.

Summer STORY. Memorable EXPERIENCE. Bringing PEOPLE together. Generating ENGAGEMENT. We added one important extra layer: INNOVATION.

The campaign created a summer story involving eight influencers and their communities, where they would create exciting memories, while sharing the stories to other users and generating organic engagement.

Whatever happened during the influencers’ and their fans and followers’ stay at the H&M Summer Villa turned into a reality show episode that was instantly posted in Instagram stories.

The campaign was designed as the first reality show that was uncovered on Instagram Stories. In the course of a month, the campaign took over the seaside and Instagram feed, transforming them into a summer oasis, where everyone could create and live their stories.

In order to reinforce H&M identity as a fashion trendsetter, we opened the doors of H&M Summer Villa not only to top influencers, but also to their fans, selected from their communities.

On one side, those who were guests of the H&M Summer Villa got to meet the influencers they admired, spend a thematic weekend in a beautiful summer mansion and create engaging, fashionable, native content, while having activities and lots of fun. On the other, those who were not physically there had access to the entire experience via Instagram stories. They even got the chance to come up with ideas for the actual reality show. They were also a part of the H&M Summer Villa!

The experience was split into four thematic weekends, where we would team two influencers per weekend and bring some of their fans onboard. The themes were established based on some social listening and measuring and was inspired by some of the most popular H&M collections. The 1st weekend was dedicated to Fashion and fashionistas, the 2nd was named Conscious and was all about sustainability, the 3rd was dedicated to Vloggers and vlog-like content and the 4th was dedicated to Music and divas.

The campaign managed to create an experience that felt engaging both for influencers and fans who were present at the seaside, and for fans at home, browsing through Instagram. That’s how the first interactive reality show on Instagram stories was born. With content being delivered as it happened, with choices that can be made by those at home, choosing what they wanted to see next.

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