Silver Award for Excellence 2018

Fashion & Lifestyle

Hennes and Mauritz & Graffiti PR


Theme and opportunity. H&M, the fashion democratizer brand present in Romania since 2011, has always been a benchmark of style in matters of communication also. With top entertainment global partnerships and campaign, H&M never actually developed a local comms campaign for the launch of a new collection in Romania. Until this summer. Our brief? Develop the first local campaign for the launch of the H&M summer collection. Our challenge? Make it BIG, whilst keeping it all online.

Research. We kept it all digital. On Instagram, since it gave us a critical mass of potential consumers – more than 1 mllion users in Romania, most of them concurring in terms of socio-demographics with the H&M target (and since our 0 media budget).

Planning. Strategic and creative approach. If we were to go exclusively digital, we decided to go all Instagram. And because we were determined to make the first locally developed H&M campaign BIG, we mixed local digital trends and digital consumer insights and pulled out the big guns: eye candy outfits from the H&M Summer Collection – #fashion, breathtaking summer get-away traveling destinations – #travel, a crew of professional photographers and a handpicked set of four tier A lifestyle and fashion influencers.

PR target. 18 to 29 years old women, urban residents with a sense of fashion and a desire to be in trends at all times.

Objectives. Influencers – get them onboard to promote the H&M summer garments through their social media channels, gain word of mouth and create buzz around the summer collection.

Consumer – gain top of mind on choosing summer outfits, gain word of mouth, drive traffic and seelinf in both online and physical stores.

Evaluation criteria. Influencers – 48 final posts and 16 stories in order to reach the social media objectives, verified through Instagram insights in order to validate the criteria.

Consumer – involvement in the Instagram competition, increased traffic in the physical stores.

Deployment. The concept of the competition revolved around 3 key elements: fashion, influencers & dreamy destinations. After this we had to figure out the hook to engage people and create buzz around the campaign, so we created a two-leveled competitional context. For the influencers there has been a team competition, while their followers took part of a 4 stages prize competition, with a simple submission mechanism and increasing prizes from stage to stage. The winning ticket was the chosen mix of influencers: Ioana Grama & Sanziana Negru VS. Sore & Sinziana Sooper. With very engaged and connected communities, the campaign posts received a lot of attention on Instagram.

Creativity. A real trip put into a fashionable series of photo-shootings, on Instagram. Two teams of two influencers race in a styling competition and invite their fans to compete for H&M shopping cards in #HMStyleMap. We took a basic photo & stories posting campaign to the next level by creating a mechanism that kept the influencers and their followers in motion over the 2 months, 4 locations & 48 posts of the campaign.

Innovation. Our two-leveled competitional mechanism took Instagram by storm. Our campaign not only met initial KPIs but exceeded them by an average of 210% with no media budget whatsoever. And getting down to business, this has to be a first for a digital influencers commercial campaign –the entire roll-out of the campaign organically determined them to deliver 20 times more content than they signed in for. For free.

Results. With 48 Instagram post and 16 Instastories agreed through contract,the campaign generated a final number of 48 Instagram Posts and 263 Instastories. These posts emerged organically thanks to the competitional concept of the campaign.

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